A white heron 白鷺(しらさぎ)

It was so chilly in the mornig, and I found a white heron seeking his breakfast in the river near my house. The contrast between the reflection of the blue sky and the pure white heron makes a beautiful scenery. An art exists in such a casual moment.



Tose's face (トシェの面影)

Gradually, it is getting closer to Tose's face. About Tose's relief, this is the first making in this year. It shows that I was so busy.



ねずみ年 (The year of mouse in Chinese astrology.)


About this time, 12 years ago, the year of mouse in Chinese astrology, I was writing a dissertation for a master. Also then, I didn't have time for sleeping, surrounded with thousands books, I was finishing the dissertation. But, now, surrounded with gypsum and clay, I am spending my time in making prototypes. In fact, I had never been in Tokyo Disney Land, because my study or my work occupied my dairy life. And now, I visited Tokyo Diseny Land for the first time, for my "work" as a sculptor. That reminds me, Mickey is a "mouse"...


マケドニアの国営放送の電話インタビュー (A telephone interview from Macedonian National Television)


Tonight, I had a phone call from Macedonian National Television. I spoke in Macedonian language, about the memorial relief of Tose Proeski. My speech will be broadcasted in the morning program of MTV. People pay attention to my work, so I must do a good job! 


ドネヴニック紙に掲載(Macedonian News Paper "Dnevnik")


Macedonian news paper "Dnevnik" reported about my work a relief in marble for the late Tose Proeski, a popular Macedonian singer (http://www.dnevnik.com.mk/?itemID=8394A9AC9BDFA140AED3EF269B529990&arc=1). Many Macedonian and fans in the Balkans expect me to make a good work, I will do my best for it.


不眠不休 (Without sleep and rest)


This year, I have been so busy, that I can't renew my blog and reply to e-mails. I didn't sleep 48 hours. But, on the other hand, it is good for us as sculptors, because we have jobs. I'm so sorry to you all who visit my blog and website. I can't talk about my work, because many companies are related to it. And now, a Tv and newspaper in a foreign country want to make articles about my work. I will write and show about them little by little. For you all, who are to be professinal sculptors, your success depends on your determination and lucky. God always watch you. For you all, who are already professional sculptors, you should do your best for any work which people want to let you do, because God want through those people. Our pleasure as creators, is that our works are appreciated and loved by people. It is our work that make people happy. A point of contact between our works and our societies depends on your affection for people and societies.


A Happy New Year! (謹賀新年!)

You can see Mt.Fuji beyond the street(Click the photo and see the large image). In Tokyo, the sky has been very clear since 1st. January. I wish all the best for you in 2008!